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The adventures of Riley O'Dare as he goes from a shy boy to well-traveled pirate.

Riley is thrown into a world of chaos as he leaves the safety of the kingdom and runs in with pirates, thieves, and even a traveling jester.

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Riley O'Dare is a scholarly boy who is privileged enough to have been raised in the castle of King Calyx. As the son of a cartographer, Riley is sent on a mission to chart foreign territory and mature. He is kidnapped by pirates along the way, but soon captured on his first mission with them. Escaping jail narrowly with the help of his fellow prisoners, Riley and Karel, the jester who helped to break him out, return to Kuwick. Riley tries to return to life at home, but his months at sea have changed him. He returns to finish his mission and discovers a plot to kill the king. Only the power of the three instruments on creation can save him and Riley returns to the band of pirates as they are the only group he can trust. They find one instrument, defeat a pirate traitor, and claim one of the instruments of creation as their own.

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